28th May Wedding songs & the celebrant- finding a higher love


As the celebrant at a wedding helping find the right music is just one part of what we do to help make a wedding ceremony personal. Everyone is different and that it half the fun! For today’s featured song I was fortunate to have grown up with it in the 1980s and it remains in my top ten, still giving me goose pimples when I hear it. There have been other versions but the original Frankie Goes to Hollywood is my personal favourite as it contains that raw emotion you feel when you are touched by love.

It’s beautiful, powerful and dramatic, the lyrics are mysterious and intriguing and can’t help but draw you into the song.  ‘The Power of Love’ has been described as “one of those magical points in music where the sacred and the secular entwine. Where once a gospel choir might have sung of how God wields an almighty power from on high- a power that is transformational, at times terrifying, but always purifying, redemptive- secular artists attribute these same qualities to romantic love”*

Holly Johnson once said “There  is a biblical aspect to its spirituality and passion; the fact that love  is the only thing that matters in the end.”

This is so true and demonstrates that love has no boundaries. “The Power of Love’ is a song that makes you feel something whatever that higher love may be. Have a listen.

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We too don’t set boundaries. As the celebrant we are dedicated to making your ceremony be about your love, so if you want your wedding ceremony or civil partnership to be without restrictions on the venue or location, the ceremony words, the music or the style then we can help. Our ceremonies put you in control, we can be as hands ‘on’ or ‘off ‘ as you like to help you make it your own.

Another version of ‘The Power of Love” you may have heard more recently is by singer song writer Gabrielle Aplin  it’s a beautiful interpretation and maybe the one you choose to walk down the aisle to! But if not drop by tomorrow and we’ll have another one. or check out all out other processional songs featured in May.

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Happy Summer!


*Laura Barton, The guardian


26th & 27th May wedding ceremony songs- a double bill from1980’s Scottish folk rockers


As it’s a bank holiday tomorrow (yeh!) we’ve got a double whammy of wedding ceremony songs for you. We’re taking you back to the 1980’s to hear  ‘The Waterboys’ with “Whole of the Moon” a wonderful song with lyrics that keep building up as it goes along, just like poetry, then blows you away.  Their music is a mix of celtic folk with rock and roll that often contains literary references and frequently about spirituality; whilst this song is not a ‘typical’ wedding ceremony song to walk down the aisle to it does have a certain ‘something’ magical about it and is full of hope. We just love the addition of trumpets, they give it a classical element and take it to a higher level. Have a listen to the lyrics:

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I pictured a rainbow
You held it in your hands
I had flashes
But you saw the plan
I wandered out in the world for years
While you just stayed in your room
I saw the crescent
You saw the whole of the moon
You were there in the turnstiles
With the wind at your heels
You stretched for the stars
And you know how it feels
To reach too high
Too far
Too soon
You saw the whole of the moon
I was grounded
While you filled the skies
I was dumbfounded by truth
You cut through lies
I saw the rain dirty valley
You saw Brigadoon
I saw the crescent
You saw the whole of the moon
I spoke about wings
You just flew
I wondered I guessed and I tried
You just knew
I sighed
… but you swooned!
I saw the crescent
You saw the whole of the moon
With a torch in your pocket
And the wind at your heels
You climbed on the ladder
And you know how it feels
To get too high
Too far too soon
You saw the whole of the moon
The whole of the moon!
Unicorns and cannonballs
Palaces and piers
Trumpets towers and tenements
Wide oceans full of tears
Flags rags ferryboats
Scimitars and scarves
Every precious dream and vision
Underneath the stars
You climbed on the ladder
With the wind in your sails
You came like comet
Blazing your trail
Too high too far too soon
You saw the whole of the moon
Our second song is also by  The Waterboys,  ‘How long will I love you’ but this time a cover by Kristina Train, beautifully sung and once again, beautiful lyrics.
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How long will I love you
As long as there are stars above you
And longer if I can

How long will I need you
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan

How long will I be with you
AS long as the sea is bound to
wash upon the sand

How long will I want you
As long as you want me to
And longer by far

How long will I hold you
As long as your father told you
As long as you are

How long will I give to you
As long as I live through you
However long you say

How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I may

We’re into our final week of May and featured wedding ceremony songs to walk down the aisle to so don’t forget to pop back to hear our final selections. If you missed yesterday’s treat check it our here.

If lyrics, words and music are an important part of your life bring them out in your wedding ceremony, it’s doesn’t always have to be ‘spoken’ it can become part of your aisle or decoration. Whatever your style, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding it can really make it personal to you. We don’t just write and conduct ceremonies, if you want us to help you come up with ideas for personalising and styling your ceremony just drop us a line: ceremonies@janshillito.co.uk


Happy summer!




25th May Processional wedding songs- a chemical attraction


It’s bank holiday weekend, the sun is shining, happy days! So for all you lovebirds looking for processional wedding songs that captures the emotion of physical and chemical attraction – “Falling Slowly”  by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova is it!  Such beautiful voices.

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“Falling Slowly” is an Academy award winning soundtrack to 2006 oscar winning Independent Irish film ‘Once’ where the characters express their emotion through the medium of song.

The day you get married is a special moment in time when you feel that same physical and chemical attraction you had when you first met. We listen to your own stories of how you met, the places, the people and the experiences that brought you closer together and try to capture this special time in a personal wedding ceremony. We can help you find that special location or if you have been dreaming of having your ceremony in a place that’s meaningful to you then we’ll help make it a reality. All our ceremonies are totally bespoke, there are no rules or etiquette that you have to follow we just help you make it your own and put into words the things you want to say to each other.

We hope you liked today’s song but if it doesn’t make you feel ‘this is us’ then you can always have a look at our other featured processional wedding songs in May or pop back tomorrow.

Happy Summer!