What type of bride are you?


Into the looking glass- what kind of bride are you?

It’s fair to say that we’ve met quite a few brides along our travels; all are different and unique, each bringing their own bit of magic to their wedding day.

What we noticed is that they do tend to fall into groups having similar characteristics, personality types and expectations for their wedding day; so we thought it would be fun to share some of them and see what you think. Will you recognise yourself in any of them?!

  1. The Alpha Bride– is ultra organised, has a love of spreadsheets, is a self-confessed control freak, a perfectionist, and a bit of a ‘peacock’ 
  2. The Contemporary Bride-knows her own mind, she leads rather than follows, has creative vision and is inspired by all things new
  3. The DIY Bride– wants to be more involved in the making of their day, add a personal touch and is happy to get her hands dirty.
  4. The Creative Bride– is full of ideas, she likes to give things a new twist, try new things, push the boundaries and have a more personal affair

    Dreaming of your wedding day- what kind of bride are you?

  5. The Traditionalist Bride likes the comfort and reassurance that traditions bring, she’s not looking to break the mould just a have ‘perfect’ white wedding.
  6. The Rebel Bride-doesn’t follow rules and etiquette, by nature she is a bit of an extrovert, she likes to do things her way, not follow the crowd and she knows her own style
  7. The Fast Lane Bride– a career woman who lives for today but doesn’t have time for tomorrow. She likes to be in charge but has a ‘hands-off’ approach, she likes to be unique and would rather not spend valuable time searching for that needle in a haystack
  8. The Flamboyant Bride– is very theatrical, a thespian at heart! She likes to entertain, put on a show and have a good bash.
  9. The Mummy Bride-is already a family and a ‘bonded pair’, her children are her priority and it’s important that they are involved in the whole process
  10. The Red Carpet Bride- is a fashionista and follower of celebrities. When it comes to making a statement no one does it better than A-list celebrities, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for her
  11. The Fusion Bride– has different cultural influences and interests whether that be family roots or worldwide travels and wants to bring this out in her wedding. Her wedding is a merging of traditions, visual delights and sensations.
  12. The Eclectic Bride– is comfortable in her own skin, she knows what she likes and has an eye for beautiful objects and mixing styles old and new.

    What kind of bride are you?

  13. The Boho Foho Bride – is a music loving, festival going bohemian-styled chick with a more chilled, relaxed attitude to wedding planning and bridal extravagance. For her it’s about the simple things in life, having fun and being in good company.
  14. The Natural Bride- like any other bride she wants the perfect wedding but the difference is that she puts her green values at the top of her wedding planning agenda. She will go to great lengths to incorporate these values into each element of her eco wedding.


 Variety definitely is the spice of life, we thrive on it, it’s our inspiration and why we love what we do. 

Qualified in celebrancy (one of the first five in the UK and currently the only one in the North) we set the style and tone of your day, we write and conduct your personal wedding ceremony or civil partnership; help you find that special unique venue (and it doesn’t have to be licensed- that’s half the fun!) or outdoor wedding location.


Whatever kind of bride you are and whatever kind of wedding you fits your style; a wedding at home, a garden wedding, an eco wedding, a walking wedding, a festival wedding, a woodland wedding, a beach wedding, a vintage wedding or a wedding at  beautiful off-the-beaten track venue, the list is endless, your celebrant will make to sure it’s got your stamp all over it!

As wedding co-ordinators we brief our pool of creative and talented suppliers to bring your ideas to life and help make sure things run smoothly; and as designers we add the finishing touches with our beautiful bespoke wedding stationary collections.

Yorkshire is our home but we cover the UK and will always go the extra mile, wherever you are, to give you a unique and personal wedding experience. That’s what we all about.

You decide how much you want us involved. We’d love to hear what type of bride you are! ceremonies@janshillito.co.uk