A cause for celebration- as featured in House Beautiful



HB FC 2  We were thrilled to be asked by House Beautiful to feature in their popular August 2013 issue. They loved our style and our dedication to creating, recording, sharing and celebrating memories.

Our own personal style is very much an eclectic mix of old and new, mixing contemporary modern pieces with other statement pieces that have special meaning to us whether that be family items, things collected on our travels, things designed by ourselves or my brother Matthew Lyndon Harrison an international ceramic designer or just beautiful objects.

Our first celebration and memory at the house, now also our HQ, was when my husband and I married there nine years ago.  Getting married at home, and outdoors was pretty unheard of  back then but we were adamant that we didn’t want a production line registrar led ceremony. I remember quite distinctly when we went to the Register office to complete the legal paperwork before our ceremony, dressed in jeans, the Registrar saying to us ” this is a solemn occasion”, I couldn’t help but think we had gone into the wrong room by mistake!

We wanted personal and unique. And it was. I wrote and styled our ceremony and marquee and added lots of little personal touches. We had a fabulous meal by Berties, a free bar and duke boxes. We didn’t even go for a first dance together, it wasn’t us, so instead I did a Greek dance while everyone clapped in circle- we would have smashed a few plates but European health & safety regulations have put an end to that! A few years later following the pitter patter of tiny feet we also held naming ceremonies for both our children again at home with family and friends to mark and celebrate their arrival.

This was my inspiration for helping others to have a personal ceremony and experience.

Our ceremonies & wedding business is soon to be complemented by our new social media platform www.thememorybox.com- go and have a peep of what’s to come very soon, it is our newest passion(and labour of love!).

Behind the scenes on the day of the photoshoot was such fun, I was joined by my friend and ex-colleague, make up artist  Shelly Dawson who kept me and the team entertained most of the day! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little insight into where and how Celebration Ceremonies & Weddings and thememorybox.com came about.

If you’d like us to make your day extra special, drop me a line. Would love to help.






1st May Wedding songs to walk down the aisle to- Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve


Yeh At last summer’s here!!!

As it’s the 1st of May, the start of summer time and wedding fever we thought we’d give you a helping hand with your music to get you in the mood. If you’re planning a wedding ceremony you may have certain songs that spring to mind that have special meaning to you whether it is ‘Your Song’ or a song with beautiful lyrics that will have everyone filling up!  However, our lives are filled with music and over the years you will have grown so to save you time trawling through your whole music collection we thought that we’d help you out with some wedding songs you may have forgotten about, ones you’ve never heard of before or some more alternative wedding song choices. Each day we’ll give you a new song to inspire your own wedding songs playlist.

So to kick off  have a listen to this beautiful alternative to walk down the aisle to. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve has atmosphere and is perfect to build up to your entrance, it gives a modern twist to your ceremony whether played as an instrumental, live, as an improvisation or just as it is. Be inspired by this improvisation version, you could create a real atmosphere and get your guests to join in by clapping along. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

We don’t have one style, just ‘your style’. So, if this feels like your kind of wedding ceremony music we’d love to help. We can help you bring together all the elements of your wedding celebration ceremony from the venue or location, the style, the words, poems, readings, the weddings songs and symbolic actions to create a unique occasion.

We’re all different- that’s what makes our jobs so interesting- variety is the spice of life and all that!  If this wedding song didn’t pull on your heart strings, come back tomorrow to hear another one!