Church Service or Civil Ceremony?



Church Service or Civil Ceremony?
Civil ceremonies accounted for 68 per cent of all marriages that took place in 2010, an increase from 64 per cent in 2000.
The number of civil ceremonies in 2010 was over 164,000, accounting for over two-thirds of all marriages.ONS

For the sixth consecutive year, there were fewer religious ceremonies than civil ceremonies in approved premises.
The Citizenship Survey (Department for Communities and Local Government (2009/10) found the number of people who declared themselves as Christians had fallen from 77 per cent in 2005 to 70 per cent in 2009-10. Over the same period, the numbers that say they have no religion rose from 15 per cent to 21 per cent.
Because of this the trend for a more contemporary and personal alternative is on the increase. Which is not surprising. After all, everyone is different, so it’s of no surprise that everyone thinks differently when it comes to his or her wedding. But what are the options available?
Nowadays you can get married in a lot of different places, and in a lot of different ways. This is where Celebration Weddings comes in – to help you get married your way.
Whether you are planning a wedding, a civil partnership or renewing your vows, we put your personality and style into your ceremony, we listen to you stories and put what you want to say to each other into words to make it the centre piece of your day – an experience that is unique and special for you, your family and guests.
Imagine holding your renewal of vows celebration in an English country garden – or even your own garden? Or how about saying “I do” in a romantic woodland or at a Secret Millionaire’s Carr Hall Castle in celebrity style? It’s your day, we’ll help you find the perfect place wherever it may be, so celebrate it your way!
More and more people are looking for a ceremony and experience that is unique and reflects who they are as a couple, something that really makes a lasting impression.
Not everyone wants to get married in a church. Likewise, you might not fancy being part of a production line at the Register Office or licensed venues. The wonderful thing about Celebration Weddings is that we can make sure you have the day you really want.
Recent trends have indicated that there are huge shifts in the way people think when it comes to their wedding day and civil partnership. More and more couples want a contemporary ceremony that is flexible in it’s content, actions and style and can be held anytime, any place.
Nowadays, church and Registrar led ceremonies are just two options available to you. – but not just the only ones! Contact us to find out how Celebration Weddings can help you celebrate your special day your way.