Summer time weddings-don’t forget your wellies!

Well, it’s almost summer (she said wishfully looking out of the window at snow covered hills!), the time of year when a lot of couples are planning on tying the knot – hopefully under a canvas of blue skies and warm sunshine.

Although the attractiveness of getting married during the summer months continues to be very popular, the British weather can’t always be guaranteed, resulting, sometimes in a dash, under umbrella, from the car to the church entrance.

Call it British resolve, or the embracing of new romantic ideas, but the trend towards more outdoor weddings is becoming increasingly popular, as couples seek more romantic and meaningful alternatives to the traditional church held ceremonies or the stuffy registrar offices in favour of stately homes, grand historical gardens and other venues that best represent their individual personalities and the love they hold for each other.

Couples are also willing to risk the unpredictable British weather for more natural settings, such as beaches and woodland; dressing the venues in a way that captures the romantic intensions of the day.

Nowadays, thankfully, the options for getting married are huge, with the introduction of Government approved and qualified celebrants it enables couples to express their love in the way, and at a location that is special to them – no matter what the weather.

No-one can predict the weather (even the weathermen!) so when planning an outdoor wedding we encourage our brides to go with the flow; make a feature of the weather and design their rain-proof accessories into their overall look and feel. Whatever it does on the day, it won’t matter, have some fun and you’ll get some great photographs.

Wellies come in all different styles but sometimes simplicity is the best, how gorgeous are these?


Or perhaps you could go for a co-ordinated look


Kate Middleton swapped her trusty LK Bennett boots for wellies for charity so if you’re having a spring ethical outdoor wedding why not support Marie Currie and wear a pair of their daffodil wellies or ask wedding guests to wear red wellies and make a donation to the  Lisa Wiles RED WELLIES Brain Tumour Support Fund?

The key to planning an outdoor wedding is to embrace mother nature and the elements and don’t make your wellies an afterthought! Need any help? Give us a call.