Here at Celebration Ceremonies & Weddings we are dedicated to making your ceremony and celebration as unique as possible. By making us your first port of call you’ll be able to take full advantage of personalising your whole day, so it really is worth contacting us before you book the venue or set the style of your day.



Every couple has different priorities, requirements and budgets so our fees vary depending on which services you require, what you want to include in your ceremony, what season and date you are looking at and the location. Obviously peak holiday weekend dates are popular  so planning a wedding on a Friday or Monday can be a smart move!

Have a look at the services we provide and let us know the following and we’ll be able to give you a cost based on your requirements:

1.What you are interested in

2. The date

3. Your overall wedding budget

3. The number of guests


1. Venue search 

Finding the The perfect place or location for your wedding ceremony takes time, legwork and petrol. When we’re not doing ceremonies we spend our time searching out unique hidden gems in off-the-beaten track locations so you don’t have to. The beauty of our ceremonies is that you can have them anywhere, anytime, so you are not restricted to licensed venues and if you love the great outdoors, then there are even more options. Whether that be Stately homes, country houses, barns, farms, glamping sites, farmers fields, woodlands, gardens or boutique eco sites. We do not receive commissions, we recommend solely on whether they are right for you. We create a top 3 short-list saving you the hassle trawling the internet and finding places you may never have come across or considered.

2. A bespoke personal ceremony

Our couples are looking for a more personal and meaningful wedding ceremony, not a production line, so if you are looking for a ‘template’ ceremony we’re not for you. All are ceremonies are personal to the couple, written for them and about them. We start with a blank piece of paper and build a ceremony that reflects your personalities, what’s important to you and incorporates the personal touches and stories that make you feel “this is us”. There are no rules or set etiquette unless you want there to be! Our ceremonies usually last around half an hour but varies depending on content.

What’s included:

It doesn’t include:


3. Ceremony design & styling

The best ceremonies are those that create an impact using both the words and the design. It’s not just about having matching colours and bows; we ensure that the wedding location, ceremony words and design & styling all work hand in hand to create an unique statement that say “this is us”. The design can be as simple or elaborate as you wish but tends to be driven by how much budget you want to allocate for the purchase/hire of props and decoration and how many guests there will be.


4. Stationary Collection

We are fortunate to have a team of designers, illustrators and makers to create your unique bespoke stationary collection that incorporates your own “this is us” style. The save-the-date or invitation is the first taster your guests have of your wedding so it’s important to make the right impression and set the scene for what is to come.

5. Monogram Design

If you want to make a personal statement as a couple, what better way than having a monogram designed from your two names. This is the ultimate wedding “signature” that can be incorporated across your wedding decoration, stationary & styling.

6. Venue Illustration

When getting married at home or at a unique off-the- beaten-track location, having an illustration of your venue adds the personal touch. We work from a photograph to create a bespoke illustration in any style;this can be used across elements of your stationary collection, on your final cermeony script. It can of course also become a treasured keepsake.




 We appreciate that babies are an expensive business and whilst our ceremonies are bespoke, written for and about you, your family and your new arrival, we can offer some flexibility on our fees if you can be flexible on dates. Weekends in peak holiday times at Easter, Spring Bank, July/August/September are very popular so during this period bookings for naming ceremonies on Saturdays can only be taken in the two months preceding the required date.

We’d love to be part of your celebration so if you can give us the following information we’ll be able to give you a costs based on your requirements.

1. The date

3. Your budget

3. The number of guests

The ceremony includes: