Our ceremonies-naming & welcoming

Throughout time, the arrival of a new baby or a child has been a cause of great celebration. A time to welcome them to the family and to express our commitment to them and aspirations for the future.

We believe it is important to make children feel loved and supported by their family, extended family and friends. And by choosing a Celebration Ceremonies naming ceremony you, too, can extend a unique welcome whether you are marking the arrival of a new baby, the coming together of two families or the adoption of a child.

We will write and conduct a ceremony and put into words and symbolic actions the things you want to say and promise to your children, your hopes and aspirations.

We can also arrange for one of our fabulous photographers to attend, to make sure you capture the spirit of the day and record the start of your child’s story. For more information and prices drop us a line at ceremonies@janshillito.co.uk


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