Your Naming Ceremony-The words


“There are lots of people who call you by your name.

But there is only one person who can make it sound so damn special”


The birth or adoption of a new baby or child is one of the proudest moments for parents. Embracing a new life as part of a community and giving significance to a baby’s name is in no way a new concept: it is deep-rooted in tradition and crosses cultural and national boundaries. Finding the right words to express how each of you feel about your new arrival can be difficult; sometimes it’s easier for you to focus on being a family and to let someone else capture your feelings, hopes and aspirations for your child’s future.

We will guide your through each part of the ceremony from the opening words to your parent and grandparents promises, recommend readings, poetry or lyrics that reflect your beliefs, and your family values. We are dedicated to making it personal; after all, no two families are the same so why should your ceremony be any different?



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