Childhood memories “Enchanted Woodlands-Teddy and Me!”

Childhood memories “Enchanted Woodlands-Teddy and Me!”

Reminiscing is  wonderful thing. A few months ago I was looking back on some photos of myself when I was just “a wee bairn” living in Scotland which got me thinking about childhood memories.

I remember enchanted woodlands, fields, farms and animals and spending time just being a child, exploring nature.

donkey   is it a sweetie

Some things stand out like they were only yesterday, like playing out in the neighbourhood, the fabulous halloween’s up there, my guinea pigs, the squirrels that used to come right up to the backdoor from the forrest; but what really sticks in my mind was exploring the great outdoors just me and my faithful teddy, we were inseparable, best friends . Something that all mums and dads will be able to relate to!

Strangely I can’t remember having a specific name for him but he has now been passed down to my daughter who has appropriately named him “one-ear” due to the obvious missing body part that must have occurred after this photo was taken!


Many years later, seeing my own children find a special bond with their own teddies “Harry” the hare and “Didi Saa Saa” the elephant made me realise how important having memories of this loyal friend are. 

Everything we do is about creating memories and celebrating  the important things in life that matter. So I got together with professional Photographer Cecilia Costello, who specialises in natural portraits of children and Kerry Roy at the amazing outdoor location Camp Katur in Bedale to create a styled mini-shoot for children and families in the woodlands this Easter weekend. When I took Cecilia there for a reccie she loved the enchantment of the woodlands and felt it was the perfect spot and so was born “The Enchanted Woods Portraits days”.

If you would like to create some wonderful natural memories of your children having a little outdoor adventure with their beloved teddy in an enchanted woodland and styled setting then get in touch to book your session.

There are only ten sessions available over the two days-Easter Sunday 20th April and Monday 21st April so don’t leave it too late!

Layout 1 Look forward to meeting the lucky 10 families!