Childhood memories “Enchanted Woodlands-Teddy and Me!”

Childhood memories “Enchanted Woodlands-Teddy and Me!”

Reminiscing is  wonderful thing. A few months ago I was looking back on some photos of myself when I was just “a wee bairn” living in Scotland which got me thinking about childhood memories.

I remember enchanted woodlands, fields, farms and animals and spending time just being a child, exploring nature.

donkey   is it a sweetie

Some things stand out like they were only yesterday, like playing out in the neighbourhood, the fabulous halloween’s up there, my guinea pigs, the squirrels that used to come right up to the backdoor from the forrest; but what really sticks in my mind was exploring the great outdoors just me and my faithful teddy, we were inseparable, best friends . Something that all mums and dads will be able to relate to!

Strangely I can’t remember having a specific name for him but he has now been passed down to my daughter who has appropriately named him “one-ear” due to the obvious missing body part that must have occurred after this photo was taken!


Many years later, seeing my own children find a special bond with their own teddies “Harry” the hare and “Didi Saa Saa” the elephant made me realise how important having memories of this loyal friend are. 

Everything we do is about creating memories and celebrating  the important things in life that matter. So I got together with professional Photographer Cecilia Costello, who specialises in natural portraits of children and Kerry Roy at the amazing outdoor location Camp Katur in Bedale to create a styled mini-shoot for children and families in the woodlands this Easter weekend. When I took Cecilia there for a reccie she loved the enchantment of the woodlands and felt it was the perfect spot and so was born “The Enchanted Woods Portraits days”.

If you would like to create some wonderful natural memories of your children having a little outdoor adventure with their beloved teddy in an enchanted woodland and styled setting then get in touch to book your session.

There are only ten sessions available over the two days-Easter Sunday 20th April and Monday 21st April so don’t leave it too late!

Layout 1 Look forward to meeting the lucky 10 families!

Yorkshire’s alternative wedding venues: Camp Katur

Yorkshire’s alternative wedding venues: Camp Katur

When we’re not writing, styling and conducting wedding, renewal of vows and naming ceremonies, we’re out on the road seeking new and interesting off the beaten track, alternative wedding venues and outdoor locations to hold our ceremonies.

Our stomping ground is Yorkshire and it’s surrounding counties so if you’re newly engaged and looking for somewhere truly unique to have your personal ceremony, we might just have come across the one that make you feel “this is us”! Whether you are looking for a blank canvas to create a festival style event, a magical woodland, an english country garden, lavender fields, a rustic barn, a country house,  private estates or a new site to have a Papkata or tepee we can help so.

Given that Lonely Planet recently placed Yorkshire third in the top ten of ‘must visit’ places in the world in 2014 I thought over the next few weeks I’d share with you some of Yorkshire’s hidden gems that I’ve discovered along my travels this year.

First up is Camp Katur:

Photo credit: Annemarie King: Flowers by Lucy MacNicoll

Photo credit: Annemarie King: Flowers by Lucy MacNicoll

Set in the grounds of the wonderful Camp Hill Estate in Bedale, North Yorkshire,  Camp Katur is a whole new kettle of fish when it comes to alternative wedding venues. It’s a breath of fresh air, quite literally, and as a wedding venue just keeps on giving and giving!  I first met the lovely Kerry Roy , owner of Camp Katur, there in the autumn of 2012. Within five minutes I knew that we would get on like a house on fire; we had similar dreams and ambitions and our new businesses were the perfect match. Her “venue” was the yin to our yang.

Photo credit: Annemarie King,  Flowers by Lucy MacNicoll

Photo credit: Annemarie King, Flowers by Lucy MacNicoll

Here’s a quick summary to give you an idea whether it’s right for you but you can find out more insider info on Camp Katur on our ‘Venues’ page.

It’s for you if you:

  •  love the great outdoors
  • want a blank canvas to create a personal statement
  • would like flexibility on the where to have your ceremony or reception should you be worried about the weather
  • want a place that allows you to get more creative
  • love music as much as each other
  • want a more relaxed ceremony and wedding style
  • want on site accomodation and glamping facilities for you and your guests

What kind of wedding & ceremonies can you have there?

Why have we chosen to work with Camp Katur?

  • they are lovely, helpful people
  • they select only the very best in wedding suppliers in the north to work with
  • it’s unique and flexible
  • they always inventing new experiences
 For more insider information on each of our featured venues over the next few weeks check our our “new venue section” on the website.





18th May Weddings songs and intimate weddings


Not everyone wants to invite long, long lost cousins and everyman and his best friend to their wedding. For some brides it’s not about the big show and the extravagance. Not everyone wants to be centre of attention walking down an aisle to an audience. Some couples just want to be themselves and have a very chilled intimate affair in the company of a few special people. We love intimate weddings that are up close and personal. Our wedding song today sums up the idea of intimate weddings.

This performance of ‘Made up love song no#43’ by the Guillemots from the back of a VW camper van makes this song even more special and intimate.

YouTube Preview Image

Imagine driving to your favourite beauty spot in a fleet of VW camper vans, one for the bridal party Buttercup Bus, one for the groom & co one for the guests and one for the band. The sun is shining, your guests are seated on deck chairs surrounding the band van who play this song as you stand before them ready to make your vows to each other. Intimate weddings are just so beautiful because they are so personal.

The reception is simplicity itself, nothing more than deli-style picnic with fine wines, olives and cheeses, scones, speciality tea breads and cakes -a foodie’s heaven! You may even want your own VW cocktail bar Beetle Juice or VW ice-cream parlour Polly’s Parlour

What’s important is that you get married your way. You choose when, where and how and we’ll be there to help guide you every step of the way so that your ceremony and the rest of the day is your own.

We put your ceremony at the heart of your day, we help open your eyes to new options in off-the-beaten-track venues and outdoor wedding locations and set the style and tone for the rest of your wedding. Whether it’s intimate weddings or grand weddings we’ll make it personal.

We’d love to make your day an intimate one to remember. Drop Jan a line to discuss your ideas.

If this wedding song is doesn’t make you feel the love, pop by again tomorrow and we’ll have another one. If you missed yesterday’s wedding song why have  a listen.



11th May wedding ceremony songs to feed your soul


Wedding ceremony songs should move you in some way or bring back memories of special moments. Today’s wedding song is comforting like homemade chicken soup; it’s food for the soul. It’s a lovely, happy chilled song to walk down the aisle to that friends and family could sing along and sway to. It’s definitely a feel-good song perfect for a wedding!

So here you go ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. Happy days!!

YouTube Preview Image

It could either go one of  two ways:

1. A chilled out ceremony in the great outdoors- glamping style wedding with ukuleles, guitars and drums that’ll definitely reach you and your guests inner and outer souls! Held in a somewhere like Camp Katur one of our fabulous locations in North Yorkshire set within the natural beauty of a 250 acre Country Estate amidst woodland, greenland and meadowland. Its such a fabulous ‘blank canvas’ location where you can let you imagination flow and your dreams come true!



2. An uplifting and inspirational performance by a gospel choir like the One Voice Community Choir  who produce stunning sound and versatile choral emsemble- you can hear a choir joining in towards the end of the song which really makes you feel the love and warmth of the people around you. If you have musical family and friends they might even want to join in!

Looking for wedding ceremony songs can take take time because it has to be right. Just like our ceremonies it’s has to sum up who you are and be personal and meaningful. Whether you want to walk down the aisle to live music or vocals or not we can point you in the right direction.

But if this song doesn’t light your fire come back tomorrow and we have another one, you never know it might just be ‘THE ONE’! We’ve now featured 11 wedding ceremony songs but if you missed yesterday’s 10th May Summer wedding songs- Victoriana then have a listen.

If you would like to discuss you requirements please drop Jan an email: we love to be part of your special day wherever you are.


7th May The great outdoors- festival wedding songs


Day 7 of our Celebration of summer, the start of wedding fever and wedding songs is all about the great outdoors and a festival wedding. If you are a free-spirited couple, love music, performance and festivals then this little number might just be up your street. Today we thought we’d shake things up a bit and support a great local concert and ceilidh band based in York.

Blackbeard’s Tea Party play funky folk tunes, saucy songs and have an infectious stage energy with fiddles, squeezeboxes, guitar noise and Synth bass and a feast of international percussion- perfect for a festival wedding ‘reception’ gig and the wedding ceremony. So today’s wedding song we’ve chosen for you to walk down the aisle to is “Doom Waltz” Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Our style is your style so if you are a Bo ho Fo ho Bride looking to have a festival wedding with papakata’s, glamping, roast hog, lots of beer and live music we can help. Not only do we write and conduct personal and bespoke ceremonies for weddings, civil partnerships and renewal of vows we can also come up with the concept and set the style and tone for the ceremony and the rest of your wedding day.

If this particular wedding song doesn’t strike the right chord, come back tomorrow to hear a different one! If you’ve missed our 6th May Wedding songs that wouldn’t be allowed by a Registrar have a listen, you never know it might be the one for you!

Happy Summer everyone!